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Larkharbour Newfoundlands was established in 2011 and we bred our first litter in 2014 however we both owned Newfoundland Dogs for many years previously. Our objective is to breed healthy dogs with awesome temperament. All of our breed dogs and bitches are fully health checked and the results are published on both the Newfoundland and Kennel Club health databases.  In 2017  we received The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Status.

Kev has been Working and Showing Newfoundlands since the early 1990s with some excellent results. He has judged Newfoundlands in the top levels in water and draught work for many years and his enthusiasm has not dwindled one bit!  Bek also judges in water, draught and obedience thoroughly enjoying judging at  The Working Newfoundland Club (WNC) events. Bek loves showing, travelling throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe on regular basis.

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Larkharbour Newfoundlands

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