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Boarding & Kennels

Huntingdon District Council License Number AW83


Heated & Ventilated Kennels available

Home Boarding

Dogs need to be dog friendly, well behaved and house trained to be considered for home boarding

What Information is Required?

Boarding Intake Form must be completed for all dogs.

Can I visit to view premises prior to booking?

Yes definitely, we like to meet all dogs prior to their stay.

What do you Charge?

Boarding is charged at £18 per day per dog

What do I need to bring?

To ensure the dog remains on the same diet we ask you provide enough food for the duration of your dogs stay.

Dog bedding if you wish.

What time can I drop off and pick up?

Times confirmed at booking. Early morning, late evening can be accommodated subject to prior arrangement.


We provide day care for several dogs on a regular basis. Day Care only available subject to availability.

Do my dogs need to be vaccinated?

Yes dogs must be vaccinated. Copy of vaccination certificate to be provided

Kennel cough vaccine not a  necessity. Please note if your dog has has the kennel cough vaccine it will not be accepted for boarding for 21 days from the date of vaccine 

What if my dog is in season?

Bitches in season will not be accepted for home boarding.

Please contact us for more information - Email: 

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